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Why should you hire a Magician? | Top Five Reasons

What a wondrous topic for my first blog post! I genuinely feel that hiring a Magician is the difference between making an event good and fantastic, it's all good 'me' saying that, but why should you hire a Magician? Here are the top FIVE reasons why YOU should hire a magician for your wedding, party or corporate event.

1 - Magic is unique. Whether you are looking for ideas for entertainment at a wedding, entertainment at a party or ANY other event, the first thing you will think of is a DJ, maybe some food and lovely displays to go on tables or something like that. Every event has them! But you never hear about how good the DJ was or how lovely the tulips looked displayed on the table, this is because everyone has experienced this before. I can guarantee that most guests have never seen a magician before. Despite being a very busy wedding magician, people still frequently say to me, 'wow I've never seen a Magician at a wedding before!' The uniqueness of magic creates mystery and automatic excitement, and that's before the magic has even started. Magic a form of entertainment that is different and rarely seen live, making it unique to any other form of entertainment. So Magic being unique is the first part of the answer to why should you hire a magician.

Wedding Magician for hire

2 - Magic brings out emotions that have never been felt before. The most impossible thing that happens in normal everyday life is how time flies when you're busy, right? But when someone witnesses magic like a card change into their signed card, or a coin appear in their hands, or even having their mind read, it truly is impossible. The feeling of seeing something impossible happen right in front of us is extremely rare, it creates an emotional response of WOW. Every time I perform magic for someone new, it is mostly the first time they are feeling this powerful emotional moment, and the memory will last for a lifetime. Because this happened at your event, not only will they remember 'what' they felt, but they will also remember 'where' they felt it, which will be at YOUR event. This alone is why you should hire a magician for your event!

Shocked emotion to magic

3. Magic brings friends and families together. Especially at a wedding, there are lots of guests who do not know each other. Small talk can be awkward and this causes groups to split into people they are familiar with. When you hire a magician, they will walk around and perform magic for everyone. When people hear other people laugh, shout and scream (the general reactions magic gets), this attracts them to come over and watch what is going on. This causes something amazing! Two groups of people who originally didn't know each other, but now do! The magician will leave the group to move onto the next, and they will be left talking about how they felt when they saw the impossible happen, and whether they saw how the magician did it, or if they've seen magic before. It is a great conversation starter and brings friends and families together.

Group of friends reacting to magic

4. Magic is memorable. Have you ever spoken to someone who has been to an event where a magician was present? I bet the first thing they told you about it, is that a magician was there. Hiring a magician will give your guests memories that genuinely last a lifetime. Going back to the emotions that they felt when a coin appeared in their hands, it is something they have NEVER felt before, and the rarity of it remains in their memory forever. Everyone dreams of having an event that everyone remembers, and hiring a magician will ensure that.

Magician doing a magic trick

5. Magic creates the best photos. When you look back at the photos of your special wedding day, or 50th birthday party, you want to see everyone having the time of their lives. Hiring a magician will WOW you and your guests, there will be photos of jaw drops, laughter, shouting, arms flaring around as they are asking, 'how did that happen??' Photographers love a magician, because they know they will get amazing shots of people having so much fun. There is nothing better than looking back at old photos, reminiscing about how much fun everyone had. You should hire a magician for the best photos, best memories, and best entertainment.

Photographer taking a photo of magic reactions

Those are my top five reasons as to why you should hire a Magician!

I am a magician for hire based in Surrey who can make the difference at your event! CLICK HERE to see what services I offer.

Tommy Knight | Professional Magician for Hire | Surrey, UK | 07760 654 647 |


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