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Who is the UK's most famous magician?

The UK is saturated with well known magicians that come and go on TV, the news, and social media. But who is the UK's most famous magician?

Paul Daniels

Paul Daniels

Paul Daniels is hands down the UK's most famous magician. Despite not being alive, he was the first magician that todays generation's grandparents saw on TV. He made international fame in 1979 with the BBC television show 'The Paul Daniels Magic Show.'

Believe it or not, Paul isn't actually his real name. Off stage, his name is Newton. Everyone still called him Paul when I met him though. Paul Daniels was passionate about the next generation of magicians and I was extremely lucky to be mentored by him.

What makes Paul Daniels famous today? Magic is becoming more and more common on our TV screens. Our grandparents great grandparents love to compare what life was like 'in their day' and so as young people in the UK talk to their elder generations about magic on TV, Paul Daniels will be brought up. Paul Daniels magic sets are still available to buy, along with posters, vidoes and advertised information. The Magic community is a large fan of Paul Daniel's work and without the work he did in his life, Magic probably wouldn't be where it is today.


Derren Brown

Derren Brown

Derren Brown brought magic back to UK TV screens in 2000 which makes him a strong contender for who is the UK's most famous magician. Today's generation will definately know who he is with his famous lottery prediction, russian roulette and the netflix show 'sacrifice' which was launched in 2018. Derren is known for his hypnotism and mentalism but can pull off a brilliant card trick.

What is Derren Brown trained in? Derren studied law and German at the university of Bristol. Whilst at university he watched a hypnotism show which gave him inspiration to start a career as a hypnotist.




Dynamo had some big TV shows in the UK which makes him one of the most famous magicians in the UK. He is most famous for walking on water on the river thames outside the houses of parliament and levitating next to a London bus.

His impossible sleight of hand along with his introverted demeanour went a long way in making him well liked and people watched him.


Who is the UK's most famous magician? - Paul Daniels. More people know about him than any other Magician, and I hope his legacy lives on for a very long time.

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