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Tommy is a Magician for weddings. He is the perfect person to entertain your guests whilst you are having your photos taken and when you are sitting for the breakfast.

There are times in the day at a wedding where things move slow, either because everyone is waiting for food or drink or the next part to start. Having a Magician for weddings is a great idea to keep things moving and ensure your guests are entertained.

Wedding Magician in Surrey


Silver Package

The Wedding Reception

Tommy is a magician for hire who offers a Silver Package. This includes your Wedding Reception. Usually, after the ceremony, the guests will go off to chat whilst drinking Prosecco and eating canapes whilst the couple has their photos taken. Time during the reception can go slow for guests as they are left to their own devices. Tommy can mingle with the different groups during the reception and keep them entertained with mind blowing magic.

Gold Package

The Wedding Reception and Breakfast

Tommy is a Wedding Magician for hire who offers a Gold Package. This includes entertaining your guests during the Wedding Reception and at the Wedding Breakfast. Not only will your guests be having the time of their lives during the reception, but they will not be bored at the breakfast either. Tommy will seamlessly move from table to table showcasing impossible magic to you and your guests.

Wedding Magician in Surrey
Wedding Magician in Surrey

Tommy is the best Wedding Magician for hire. Entertainment at a Wedding is SO important to have the most magical day. Get a free quote today!

Royal Ascot Racecourse Wedding Show


Tommy is exhibiting at the Royal Ascot Racecourse Wedding Show!

If you are planning your wedding and looking for wedding entertainment ideas, then register your attendance and come and visit Tommy's stand!

How do you throw a good wedding reception

click to find out how do you throw a good wedding reception 


Why Hire Tommy as your Wedding Magician?

Tommy will have your guests laughing and screaming in astonishment, they will have the best time ever! When your guests have a good time they will be talking about your wedding FOREVER!

Tommy also offers packages, he doesn't charge by the hour. This is because Weddings often over run. When you hire Tommy as a Magician for a Wedding, he will stay for the package you hired him for. When the reception is running 30 minutes late, he will stay until the end of the reception. Whereas if you hired a Magician who charges by the hour, you will miss out on any time that the Wedding over runs for as the Magician will leave when the time is up.

Tommy is the best magician for hire because he has performed at most wedding venues in the UK. When you hire Tommy as a Wedding Magician he will know where to go and how long it takes to get to any wedding venues. 

Tommy has proven his proficiency amongst the Magic community by becoming a Member of the Magic Circle and being the current Stage Magic Champion in Surrey.

wedding magician video

Tommy can mix and mingle with you and your guests at your Wedding Reception, Wedding Breakfast or in the evening.

Have the perfect wedding and hire a Magician. Magic is unique and offers the WOW factor of entertainment. You and your guests will have the best time and your Wedding will never be forgotten.

Tommy is a Top UK Magician. He specialises in Weddings making him the perfect entertainer for your Wedding.

Do you need entertainment at a wedding?

The best weddings and the weddings that people remember the most are the weddings where guests have fun and are kept entertained. Without entertainment at a wedding, guests will become bored and not enjoy themselves. When people talk about a wedding, they ALWAYS mention two things, how good the food was, and what kind of entertainment was there. In my opinion, food and entertainment are the top 2 things you need to prioritise at a wedding.

What is the most important thing at a wedding reception?

Food and drink is the top most important things at a wedding reception. Ensure there are some nice canapes to go around as well as Prosecco or champagne. The wedding reception is often referred to as the lull, this is because the couple head off to get their pictures taken and guests are left to their own devices. This is why it is important to ensure there is nice food and drink at the wedding reception, but also entertainment so they have fun! 

When should you book entertainment for a wedding?

Once you have a date, a venue, and you have hired the essentials for your wedding, such as, caterers, then THAT is the time to book entertainment for a wedding. Couples hire entertainment over a year in advanced. Weekends are the most common time to get married, so if your wedding is on a weekend, try and book entertainment for a wedding as soon as you can as quality and credible entertainers get booked up far in advance. Do your best to book entertainment at least a year prior to the date of your wedding.


Magician in Surrey


Tommy is a Magician for hire for private parties. He can bring your party to life by ensuring you and your guests are entertained with magic and fun. Whether you need a magician for a birthday party, magician for anniversary party or magician for any other celebration, Tommy is the best magician for the job! Tommy’s style of performance is hilarious, and you and your guests will be laughing whilst being astounded by the impossible magic you see in front of you. Enquire today to get a free quote!


Close Up Package

Hire Tommy as your Party Magician and get the close-up package. This is the most common package people buy for their party. Tommy will keep your guests entertained by seamlessly moving between groups showcasing impossible close up magic. You and your guests will be entertained by a top UK magician as Tommy shows you magic with cards, coins, sponge balls, mind reading and SO much more!

Cabaret Package

Hire Tommy as your Party Magician and get the cabaret package! Tommy can perform a cabaret act of up to 30 minutes. It is full of amazing magic with laughs and jokes along the way. The act finishes with Tommy risking his LIFE!! There is plenty of audience participation, so no one is left out. Tommy is a current Stage Magic Champion, so when you hire Tommy for the cabaret package you are in for a treat.

Magician in Surrey
Magician in Surrey

Tommy is Professional Magician for hire for private parties. He is leading UK Magician.

The reactions you could have at your party when you hire Tommy as a party magician


Is your birthday coming up? Hire Tommy as a Magician for a Birthday Party! Tommy will arrive and mingle with you and your guests showcasing impossible magic. There isn't a better idea for entertainment for your birthday than having a Magician entertaining your guests. Tommy will perform top quality magic with cards, coins, rope and even mind reading. Your guests will be screaming in astonishment and crying in laughter when Tommy is present. 

  • Magician for Birthday Party

  • Magician for 21st Birthday Party

  • Magician for 30th Birthday Party

  • Magician for 40th Birthday Party

  • Magician for 50th Birthday Party

  • Magician for 60th Birthday Party

  • Magician for 70th Birthday Party

  • Magician for 80th Birthday Party

  • Magician for 90th Birthday Party

  • Magician for 100th Birthday Party

Tommy is the perfect magician for a birthday party of any age. Tommy is a magician who regularly travels around the uk to get to events

Party Magician
Party Magician
Party Magician

Anniversary party magician

Celebrate your Anniversary by hiring a Magician for a anniversary party. Whether you are having a dinner, barbecue or house party, Tommy can change the atmosphere for the best by entertaining you and your guests on your special day. Tommy is regularly re-booked by wedding clients when the date comes round to their anniversary. So why not bring the WOW factor to your anniversary party and hire Tommy. Tommy is a Magician for a anniversary party who can make the difference.

House Warming party magician

Magic is up and coming for a House Warming Party. Celebrate your new house by hiring the best entertainment. Tommy will join you and your guests and keep the conversation and fun flowing by showing impossible magic at your moving in party. Whether you are having 20 people or 50, Tommy will entertain to the highest of quality for you to ensure your house warming party is the BEST start to your new special home. Hire Tommy as a Magician for a house warming party to have the most amazing time with your friends and family whilst celebrating your new home.

new year party magician

Celebrate the start of a new year by hiring Tommy as a Magician for a new year party. Tommy is a new year party magician in Surrey who can entertain your guests with mind-blowing close up magic to keep the evening running smoothly. There is nothing better than entering the new year with a BANG by hiring a Magician for a new year party. If you are celebrating the new year at a house, restaurant, club or even the garden, Tommy will bring the WOW factor to the party and ensure you and your guests transition into the new year experiencing something unique. Every year, Tommy is hired as a magician for a new year party so enquire today to check his availability.

Leaving party magician

Are you leaving the country? Leaving a job? Or leaving the local neighbourhood? Have a party and celebrate your farewell by hiring Tommy as a magician for your leaving party. Magic brings people together and lifts up the atmosphere, giving your guests something to remember the party by forever. Tommy can entertain your guests with magic at a leaving party by showcasing astonishing magic leaving your guests flabbergasted. Leave with some jazz and hire a magician for your leaving party!

Sally - Fundraising Event

5 Star Review

I had seen Tommy performing at a wedding reception earlier this year and he was brilliant, a real crowd pleaser - he read the room just right and "wowed" the guests with his skills. I contacted him to ask if he would act as a compere and interval entertainer for a live band concert in aid of Woking Hospice and he didn't disappoint! He did a brilliant job, his skills were fully transferable from close up magician to on-stage entertainer. Highly recommend him.


Corporate Magician


Tommy is a top-class corporate magician for hire. If you need a Magician for awards evening, magician for a trade show or magician for a pitch, Tommy is the perfect person for the job. Magicians are slowly integrating into the corporate world as it adds a fun aspect to business. Draw in more potential clients in by hiring Tommy, an amazing corporate magician who will represent your company to increase sales and boost your brand above others.

Corporate Magician

Tommy is a corporate events magician who can make the difference at your corporate event. Hiring a Corporate Magician for will tip the entertainment level over the edge compared to your competitors. Tommy can perform mind blowing close up magic to your staff at a party or to your potential investors at a trade show or product pitch. Having a corporate magician is becoming more common because it is showing to increase sales and morale for staff, this is because the event runs smoothly and everyone can relax and have fun at a work event.

Trade Show Magician

Tommy is a trade show magician Surrey who can represent your company at your stand, performing mind blowing close up magic to bring in potential leads that generate more sales. Years ago, a trade show magician did not exist, but now they are becoming more common because the entertainment factor goes a long way, and no one expects to see a magician at a trade show. Tommy has a warm personality and a comedic style of performance, so will get along well with your potential clients before bringing them to your stand to talk business. Hire the best close up magician to increase your sales at a trade show.

What are the benefits of a Corporate Magician?

Tommy is a corporate magician available for hire. He can boost sales, increase client interactions and represent your company to draw people in. Magic is fun, unique and brings everyone together. At any corporate event, people become bored quickly and are split into groups. Hiring a corporate magician will eradicate all of these negatives and bring you and your company something new.

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