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Surrey Close Up Magic Competition 2024

Surrey Society of Magicians

The Surrey Society of Magicians held the Annual Close Up Magic Competition this Thursday 18th April 2024. There were 9 fantastic competitors who showcased mind blowing magic.

Steve McShane performing close up magic

Compere - Geoff Pescud

Surrey's finest compere, Geoff, hosted the competition. In between acts he explained the rules, introduced the judges and even showed some impossible close up magic himself!

First Act - Jack Bedell-Pearce

Jack performed an array of Harry Potter themed magic. He started with a beautiful trick where pairs of cards that represented Harry Potter houses were mixed and then paired blindly by a spectator. With Jack's magic they all matched perfectly! He finished by testing the connection of two friends with heat and ice and impossible magic.

Jack Befell-Pearce performing close up magic

Second Act - Mick Turrell

Mick began with a mind blowing sponge ball magic routine. Balls would disappear into thin air and then reappear into the spectators hand. He ended with a card trick with a perfect prediction. Mick put his own spin on classics of magic whilst having the audience in awe of his ability to create such impossibilities.

Mick Turrell performing close up magic

Third Act - Paul Dickson

Paul began with an impossible prediction of a spectators time of birth and then brought out a lottery ticket with all the same numbers as the sum of her date of birth added together. He then finished with card trick that had everyone in astonishment! Paul is renowned for his gags, I think the best one - explaining that he left his job at the helium balloon factory due to refusing to be spoken to in such a tone.

Paul Dickson performing close up magic

Fourth Act - Tommy Knight

Tommy performed a three phase routine that involved a card trick, an object to impossible location with a cup and ball and finished with a test of the spectators intuition. He showcased his favourite effect with cards where the spectators card is mixed in the pack only to reappear under their hand!

Tommy Knight performing close up magic

Fifth Act - Steve McShane

Steve started his routine with amazing sponge ball magic, balls would disappear and reappear in mysterious places. He then ended with an impossible card trick which blew everyone away. Steve had put together several different classics of card magic to make it his own which left a large applause at the end of his act.

Steve McShane performing close up magic

Sixth Act - George Yates

George did a French themed act where he predicted the French cuisine the spectator would choose from multiple choices. He then ended with his signed card in his mouth and the spectator's signed card in her mouth. He then executed a magical alternative to a French kiss and the cards had swapped places!

George Yates performing close up magic

Seventh Act - Gavin Phillips

Gavin performed three card tricks. The first effect involved showing everyone how magicians see what card the spectator has chosen. He then bedazzled the audience by drawing a small door on the card case, opening the door to see the card that was inside, close the door and wiped off the drawing. The spectator couldn't then open the door, it was a NORMAL card case. He finished with an amazing prediction of random cards the spectator chose.

Gavin Phillips performing close up magic

Eighth Act - Ash Rai

Ash showcased his slick sleight of hand with cards with a several phase routine of finding cards. He then finished with an out of this world card trick where the spectator randomly placed cards face down in two different piles, only to turn them over and find they had sorted them into red and black cards!

Ash Rai performing close up magic

Ninth Act - Dave Andrews

Dave came through the curtains dressed as Einstein with an Italian accent. His crazy, hilarious but impressive routine showcased an impossible cut and restored rope. He then finished with a colour in prediction by wearing the SAME clothes that his spectator coloured in on a piece of paper.

Dave Andrews performing close up magic

The audience in the theatre was a mix of magicians and lay people (non-magicians), everyone had a fantastic evening full of wows, laughs and cheers. The judges had a difficult decision to make but gave 1st Place of the 2024 Surrey Close Up Competition to...

Jack Bedell-Pearce holding the trophy



The members of the Surrey Society of Magicians also vote for who they thought was the funniest act. And the winner of the comedy award went to...

Dave Andrews taking the comedy award



If you are a Magician based in Surrey and are looking to join a magic club. Come along to the friendliest club in the UK - The Surrey Society of Magicians. Visit or email for more information.

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