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why to not hire a magician based on price alone

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Top quality entertainment is always going to be an investment. But when it comes to hiring a Magician, you don't always get what you pay for.

Here I discuss why you shouldn't hire a Magician based on price alone.

When you buy a car, or a nice pair of shoes, generally, the more you pay, the higher quality they are going to be right? It is a psychological concept that the more you pay, the better quality you will get. The formula that goes into creating the price of a product includes the cost of producing it and the time it takes to make. The issue with the price of a Magician is that it is purely based on what the Magician thinks they are worth.

I'm Tommy - A Magician available for hire in Surrey

A Magician will charge what they think they are worth. When you search on google 'magician for hire' there are plenty of Magicians to choose from. So how do you pick the right one? And how do you not hire a Magician based purely on the price that works best for you?

Find a Local Magician for Hire

A Magician will charge more because they have further to travel. I'd always advise hiring a Magician who is local to you. This reduces cost and reduces the chance of them getting stuck in traffic during a 6 hour journey and arriving late to your event. I am based in Surrey and have performed at most wedding venues and party halls in Surrey. This means that I am familiar with the area, I know how to get the location and will be on top form for performing the best entertainment for your guests.

Watch Videos and Read Testimonials

A professional, reputable and quality Magician will have performance videos on their website and on their social media. They will also have testimonials and reviews on their website of previous clients thoughts on their work. Before you get a quote, watch the Magician perform, see the type of tricks they do, and most importantly, see how the audience reacts, as this is how YOUR guests will feel.

What is your budget?

Everyone has a different budget when it comes to hiring a Magician. Ask around for quotes. If one Magician quotes £50 and the other charges £1000, ask why they are charging that amount, and they should be able to tell you. Instead of hiring a Magician at the top end of your budget, find one that is within your budget, and take the steps to get to know who they are and how they are going to entertain your guests. You might find that the Magician in the mid range of your budget is perfect.

I will never ask for the full amount upfront. I also offer monthly payments leading up to the event if that is preferred.

Hire a Passionate Magician

A good Magician will always be passionate about what they do. Ask them what they enjoy about performing magic. And never be put off how excited they become when you decide to book them. I always get the same feeling when someone hires me now as when I was hired for my first EVER gig! This is because I love performing magic, I love entertaining people and making people laugh, and I know that with every event I work at, I can showcase what makes me happy to make others happy.

Avoid Paying Per Hour

Hiring a Magician who charges per hour can be a disadvantage. Instead, hire a Magician who offers packages. It is rare that any events run to a perfect time. If you hire a Magician for 2 hours from 2pm-4pm, but the event is running 30 minutes late, you will lose 30 minutes of a Magician. Whereas with a package, the Magician will stay for the whole segment of the event you need them for.

Get to know the Magician for hire

Lastly, make sure you get to know the Magician you are thinking of hiring. Ask what type of tricks they do, what their style of performance is, and most importantly, if they state they are an award winning magician, ask them what awards they have won!

By following these steps, you should be able to hire a magician based on what you like and who works best for you, as opposed to looking at how much they charge and basing it on that. Enjoy!

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