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Tommy is a Magician in Surrey for hire. He can entertain your guests whilst showcasing mind blowing close up magic, table magic and stage magic. Tommy is an experienced Magician in Surrey with over 10 years of professional performing.

If you need a wedding magician, party magician or corporate magician in Surrey, Tommy is the best magician for the job.

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Wedding Magician in Surrey
Wedding Magician in Surrey
Wedding Magician in Surrey


Tommy is a Magician in Surrey and is available to hire now. If you need a Wedding Magician Surrey, Party Magician Surrey or Corporate Magician Surrey, Tommy is the perfect Magician! Tommy is renowned for his slick sleight of hand and comedic style of performance. A Magician is the BEST form of entertainment at an event because it brings friends and families together whilst creating memories that last a life-time.

Tommy performs mind blowing magic with card tricks, coin tricks, mind-reading and SO much more! When you hire Tommy as a Magician at your Wedding, Party or event, he guarantees that your guests will have the BEST time! 


Sam & Jordan's Wedding

5 Star Review

Where do I start with trying to put into words how great Tommy is. We messaged him very last minute asking if he can attend our wedding and he managed to move things around for us to fit us in. And what a fantastic decision it was. He was punctual, so unbelievably talented and blew everyone's mind with his magic - still trying to figure out how he did it. We had so many compliments from our guests about how friendly (and funny) he is and everyone loved him. What a great addition to the best day of our lives.
We love Tommy and would recommend him to everyone!!!!

Richard's 40th Birthday Party

5 Star Review

Excellent performer! Tommy went from table and performed his magic tricks and interacted with all the party guests. Everyone was very impressed, no hesitation in recommending him.


Wedding Magician Surrey

Wedding entertainment is something that you cannot leave to the last minute when planning your wedding. Hiring a magician for your wedding is the perfect way to ensure you and your guests have the best time!

Magic is the most unique form of entertainment because it is rarely seen live. By hiring a magician to entertain your guests, the astonishment and feeling of joy that magic brings stays in their minds forever, and when it happened at your wedding, they will remember that too. 

Tommy is a wedding magician available for hire in Surrey who can perform mind blowing close up magic to entertain your guests. He is passionate about his role of ensuring every guest is kept happy, smiling and having the best time. 

Wedding Magician Surrey

Tommy regularly performs at weddings and has performed at most wedding venues in Surrey. A wedding is his favourite event to be hired as a magician for which makes it even more special as he loves what he does when he is working. Tommy is up there with the best wedding magicians in UK and will leave your guests mesmerised with champion quality close up magic.

How much does a wedding magician cost

It depends on the location of your wedding, and what you want the magician to do at your wedding. A magician would cost anywhere between £200 and £1000. If you hire a local magician for the drinks reception, for example, then the cost would be lower in the range. Whereas, if you hired a magician who had to travel 100 miles and you wanted them to perform magic through the drinks reception, the wedding breakfast and the evening then the cost would be higher on the range. 

Party Magician Surrey

Tommy is a party magician in Surrey for private parties. He can bring the WOW factor to your party by performing mind blowing magic to entertain your guests.

Lift the atmosphere of your party and hire a party magician. Tommy can bring his energetic persona and slick sleight of hand to make it a party to remember.

If you are planning the entertainment for a private party, Tommy will entertain your guests with mind blowing close up magic, table magic or walk around magic.

Tommy is regularly hired as a party magician in Surrey to entertain at all kinds of private parties so has the experience necessary to perform anywhere at anytime.

Party Magician Surrey

How much does a magician cost for a birthday party

A magician for a birthday party would cost in the region of £200 and £500. This is dependent on the location of your party and how long you want to hire a magician for. If you hire a local magician to perform close up magic for an hour and a half during your birthday party, then the cost will be on the lower range. Whereas, if you hire a magician 100 miles away to perform 3 hours of close up magic at your birthday party then the cost will be on the higher range.

Corporate Magician Surrey

Tommy is a corporate magician for hire in Surrey. If you have a corporate event coming up and require entertainment, there is no better way to entertain your staff than hiring a corporate magician.

Tommy has a vast amount of experience, regularly being hired as a trade show magician, awards show magician and many other corporate events. 

Make your corporate event unique and hire a corporate magician. Tommy is a corporate magician for hire that can make the difference at your corporate event.

Sparkling Wine At A Special Event

Make your company stand out from the crowd and hire a corporate Magician. Tommy can increase leads at a trade show by drawing people in, performing mind blowing close up magic, and then taking them over to the stand. Tommy is regularly hired as a corporate Magician Surrey at product pitches. Investors are much more likely to invest money when they feel looked after and well entertained. Booking a corporate Magician can ensure that they are entertained and having the most fun at your pitch.

What is a corporate event

Any event provided by a business or corporation that entertains their staff or stakeholders is a corporate event. These include annual dinners, award ceremonies, fundraising events and many more! 

Is client entertaining allowable for corporation tax

Client entertainment is considered a gift by HMRC, therefore, not allowable for corporation tax and therefore not tax deductible. However, the expense should still be processed through your business bank account because there are a few exceptions to this rule.

Professional Magician in Surrey

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Magic is Top Class Entertainment

Tommy can entertain your guests with mind blowing magic.

Hiring a magician for your event will give it the edge to be the talk of the town for years.

Magic is something that most people haven't experienced before, it is unique, memorable and sometimes emotional.

If you have any questions about how a magician can make the difference at your event, get in touch today!

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Magician hire Surrey

Table Magician Surrey

Tommy is a table magician for hire in Surrey. This is the best way to entertain your guests at any event. Tommy can seamlessly move from table to table showing mind blowing close up magic for your guests to sit back, relax and have fun. Hiring a table magician will make the difference at your event and keep the atmosphere alive if there is a lull. 

Tommy is commonly hired to perform table magic during the Wedding Breakfast, private parties and corporate events. Below are a list of the events that will benefit the most from hiring a table magician:

Table Magician

Table Magician for a Wedding Breakfast

Keep your guests entertained at the wedding breakfast by hiring a table magician to show mind blowing close up magic and mind reading to entertain your guests. It really is the difference between your guests having fun and your guests remembering your Wedding for the rest of their lives. Tommy regularly performs at weddings and has performed at most wedding venues in Surrey.

Table Magician for a birthday party

Celebrate your birthday in the most memorable way by hiring a table magician for a birthday party! Tommy is a table magician for hire in Surrey who can entertain your guests in between courses, or even at the end of the meal. Tommy is regularly hired as a table magician in restaurants and can perform close up magic and mind reading to entertain your guests.

Table Magician for Private Parties

If you are hosting a summer barbecue, a Friday night dinner or celebrating something special, Tommy is a table magician for hire in Surrey who can ensure it is a day to remember by showing mind blowing magic to every single guest and make it a party to remember.

Table Magician for Corporate Events

If your company is providing a dinner for your staff, whether it be a end of year celebration or staff awards evening, Tommy is a table magician for hire in Surrey who loves performing at corporate events. Tommy can move from table to table and entertain your guests with mind blowing close up magic and mind reading to keep the event smooth and memorable.

"How the bloody hell did you do that?"

Jeremy Clarkson

Walk Around Magician Surrey

Tommy is a walk around magician for hire in Surrey. The drinks reception at any event is most common for Tommy to be hired to perform walk around magic. He also regularly performs walk around magic at house parties and barbecues.


There is nothing more exciting than walking into an event, grabbing a glass of Prosecco and seeing a magician performing walk around magic. Tommy can move from group to group, showing 5 minutes of mind blowing close up magic and mind reading to entertain your guests. Tommy is renowned for slick sleight of hand and being hilarious whilst showcasing the impossible.


Hiring a walk around magician for your event is a game changer. Having your guests experience something they have never seen before will give the best start to your event and keep your guests excited for the next part to start. 

Walk around magic at a wedding

Tommy is a top UK walk around magician who can guarantee to entertain your guests ensuring they have the BEST time!



Tommy is a stage magician for hire in Surrey. He performs up to a 30 minute stage magic routine full of laughs and moments of madness. Stage magic is the perfect idea to split up an evening so that your guests can relax whilst being entertained by the best.

Tommy's stage magic show engages with audiences whilst integrating comedy and mind blowing magic. Hiring a stage magician for your company's award ceremony, charity event, or end of year dinner will make the difference and entertain your guests to the highest level.

If 30 minutes is too long, Tommy offers a 10 minute stage magic act and a 20 minute stage magic act to tailor to your requirements of the event.

Stage Magic


CLICK HERE to watch Tommy's 10 minute stage magic act



Hiring a Magician who is a member of the magic circle ensures that you are securing a high quality magician who has proven their ability to entertain your guests to an exceptional standard.

A Magic Circle Magician will be proficient in any type of magic they advertise and can guarantee astonishing mind blowing magic.

The Magic Circle

The Magic Circle is a magic society for top magicians all around the world in London.

To become a member, the process involves an interview where you are assessed on your magic knowledge, experience and background. The next stage is a performance exam consisting of a live performance at the magic circle and three judges decide if you meet the standard.


Magicians for hire Near Me

Hiring a local magician is beneficial because it reduces the extra transport cost that may get added onto the quote. It is also reassuring to know that your magician does not have far to travel which lessens the risk of them being late.

Tommy is a local magician in Surrey based in Guildford. 

Despite being based in Guildford, Surrey, Tommy regularly travels all over the UK to perform at events.


Why should you hire a Magician?
Magician performing at a wedding


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The magic circle


Wedding Magician in Surrey
Wedding Magician in Surrey


make your event special and hire a magician today!

Tommy is a Surrey magician but can travel anywhere in the uk.

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You ASK, Tommy ANSWERS...

How much is a Magician for 1 hour?

To hire a magician for 1 hour you would be looking at in the region of £100 to £400 per hour. This depends on the location of the event and how much the Magician thinks they are worth! How much is a close up Magician? - Some Magicians charge per hour, some offer packages which do not restrict them to time, which is better for you! To hire a magician for a wedding I would avoid hiring magicians that charge per hour because when your wedding runs slightly behind time (which most do), the Magician might not be able to stay behind. Tommy is the perfect Wedding Magician near you because he offers different packages. This means that if the reception has started 30 minutes late, it doesn't matter because you book him for the reception, not the amount of time he is performing for.

Why are Magicians so expensive?

When you hire a professional Magician, it may appear expensive. Many factors go into the cost of a magician. Firstly, the Magician only gets paid for 1 to 4 hours of work per day, around that, they are travelling a lot, and spending many hours practising new magic. Magic is a skill that takes a long time to learn and perfect. Secondly, the financial investment compared to the entertainment benefit is WAY off the scale. At a wedding for example, you'd spend thousands of pounds on food and clothes, thousands on a photographer and venue, not forgetting the CAKE! When you hire a wedding magician, your wedding will be full of fun and your guests will be talking about your wedding FOREVER! That is worth the money, surely! Working as a Magician is expensive, suits are expensive to buy and clean, magic props are expensive and good quality playing cards also set you back! Unfortunately, this is portrayed in the price of the Magician which is why it feels like Magicians are expensive.

What does a Magician do at a party?

Whether you hire a Wedding Magician, hire a Party Magician, or hire a Corporate Magician, they will arrive to your event, mix and mingle with your guests showing them 3-10 minutes of magic before moving onto the next group. There are several different ways a Magician can entertain your guests. Mix and mingle generally happens at party or the reception of a wedding, the magician will move seamlessly from small group to small group, showing intricate close up magic in front of your guests eyes and in their hands. You can hire a Magician to entertain your guests at tables, where they would perform 5-10 minutes to each table, ensuring everyone sees something. Tommy is a professional magician in Surrey who offers walk around/mix and mingle magic as well as table magic.

Who is the best Magician in Surrey?

Tommy Knight is the best magician in Surrey. He has proven this by winning the Surrey Magic Society Stage Competition of the year. This is a competition where all the top magicians in Surrey compete by performing their best act and are judged by a magician and two non-magical judges.

When should you have a Magician at your Wedding?

The best part of the Wedding where a Magician is most effective is either the Wedding Reception, the Wedding breakfast, or both! Tommy is a busy wedding magician and will happily give you personalised advice on the best timing for your magician to perform. Tommy regularly performs at weddings and tailor his packages and performance around what you need for your special day.

How to have a magical wedding?

Inviting the guests that YOU want to spend the most special day of your lives is most important. We always get held up about ensuring you have included the cousin you haven't spoken to in years, or your Dad's best friend to make your Dad happy. Having a room full of people you love and cherish is the easiest way to have a magical wedding.

Next... Have the MOST amount of fun! Entertainment is an investment but it is so worth it. Hire a Magician for your wedding, and your wedding will be the talk of the town for YEARS. This is because your guests will never forget the feeling they felt when something appeared in their hands, or when the Magician impossibly read their mind.

Lastly, to have a magical wedding you need to create memories. Having a guest book for your wedding where they can write special messages in for you to read back will give you the most amazing memories.

Is a Magician at a Wedding a good idea?

Hiring a Wedding Magician will be the best decision you ever made. There will be a lot of guests who do not know each other, and sometimes there is no option to put guests that do not know each other on the same table. Having a magician at a wedding brings people together, it is a conversation starter and offers the most special moments for your photographer to capture. Magic is unique and most people still haven't seen a live magician. So to answer your question, hiring a magician for a wedding is a GREAT idea!

Who is the masked magician?

Val Valentino is an American magician who caused mystery across the whole world by exposing magic secrets on a TV show called 'Breaking the Magicians Code: Magic's biggest secrets finally revealed.' He wore a mask to hide his identity so no one knew who the masked magician is. At the end of the fourth special he revealed his identity as Val Valentino. After his identity was revealed, several magicians filed lawsuits against the Masked Magician but was unsuccessful. 

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