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How do Magicians become Magicians?

Magician on Stage

Do you want to become a Magician?

Are you an aspiring Magician?

How do you get into Magic?

Here I will discuss everything you need to know if YOU want to become a Magician.

Watch Magic. To become a Magician, firstly, find a live magic show that is happening in the area and go and watch it. From there you can see what it takes to entertain an audience using Magic. You can also pick up tips on how the Magician interacts with the audience, how they walk around the performing area, and also the type of tricks they perform. The Magic Circle HQ in London often host Magic shows available for the public to watch live, and also walk around the most prestigious Magic building in the world! Head to to see what is going on.

Buy beginners Magic Tricks. There are plenty of magic shops up and down the country that sell Magic tricks available to buy and practice to show to your friends, family and then a paying audience! A great place to start is where you can find magic tricks for beginners.

Join a Magic Club. If you want to become a Magician, or even if you have no interest in performing professionally but would love to do it as a hobby, join a Magic club! There are plenty up and down the country where Magicians regularly meet and talk about magic. They put on lectures from expert Magicians and also have competitions. I am a member of the Surrey Society of Magicians and The Magic Circle. Joining a Magic Club is the best thing to do to become a Magician because you get to regularly meet Magicians, pick up tips and learn new tricks! If it wasn't for my local Magic Club in Surrey I wouldn't have developed into the Magician I am today.

If you are under 18, the Magic Circle has a children's club called The Young Magician's Club. Famous Magicians such as Ben Hart and Troy used to be members there until they turned 18 and joined the Magic Circle.

Mess around with a pack of cards. Usually, the first type of Magic you will learn is card magic. But before you learn specific magic tricks, try to become comfortable with handling a pack of cards. Learn and practice flourishes such as the waterfall, riffle shuffle and one handed cuts. Once you become confident in the handling of a deck of cards, it would be a good time to learn sleight of hand.

Understand the time required to practice. It takes years of practice to become a Magician proficient enough to successfully entertain any audience. As a child I used to sit in front of a mirror for hours per day practising different tricks. Learning Magic isn't like riding a bicycle, it requires constant practice and learning from constructive criticism to improve your performance and technique. I have been passionate about Magic for over 20 years, and I still practice every day to ensure I am on top form for when I am paid to entertain audiences at an event.

Ask people to film you perform. When you go to a party or event and you are ready to perform Magic, ask people to film you. You can then upload the performance piece onto YouTube or your website for others to see. You can also watch it back to critique and then improve your performance.

Call yourself a Magician! Once you have gained the confidence to perform Magic in front of an audience to a good standard, you can call yourself a Magician! If your audience is saying 'WOW' and 'How did you do that?' and 'I am so impressed.' This is a good sign that you have what it takes to entertain an audience with Magic.

I am passionate about the new generation of Magicians. If you are an aspiring Magician then get in touch with me and I can help you with hints and tips on how to grow yourself as a brilliant Magician and amazing entertainer!

Tommy Knight | Professional Magician | 07760 654 647 |


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